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Oct. 8 & 9 – Florida Keys Hawk Watch Weekend Adventure

A great weekend getaway to see hawk migration at its peak. A focus will be on identifying hawks in flight where wing patterns and silhouette are critical in identification. Scan the sky for Peregrine Falcons that screech through the sky dive-bombing prey. At a stop at Curry Hammock State Park we will visit the Hawkwatch research station to search for up to 10 species of raptors such as Broadwing, Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks. Late fall warblers up to 12 species may be found including Chestnut-sided, Swainson's, Bay-breasted and Indigo Buntings and Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Ft. Zachary Taylor. Keys specialties will be targeted and Shorebirds will be spotted at Anne's and a special beach. With a weather event we can hope for a fallout of the last of the fall songbirds at stops at North Key Largo, Windley Key and Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park. LAST YEAR Western Spindalis. COST-$325 includes 2 days of expert birding by Paddy Cunningham, informational handouts, transportation, breakfast and 1 lunch. BRING-overnight bag, rain gear, sun protection. For reservation contact Paddy at


November 11-13 – North Florida Weekend Adventure: St. Mark's NWR, Wakulla S.P., Ponce De Leon Springs S.P., Alligator Point, Sweetwater wetlands, O'Leno S.P.

North Florida is a different climate zone and thus attracts many northern species in the fall and winter. We will search numerous natural areas for up to 130 plus species such as Redhead, Common Goldeneye, Canvasback, Brown Creeper, Kinglets, Nuthatches, Rusty Blackbird, American Pipet, Fox, Nelson Sharp-tailed and Seaside Sparrows. A stop at the new Sweetwater wetlands should produce numerous species of ducks. A boat ride on Wakulla Springs might yield Hooded Merganser and Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Step back in time for a special dinner at the Wakula Lodge. At Ponce De Leon Springs S.P. shaded trails hold Brown Creeper, Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets. BUT St. Mark's will be the focus with a great diversity of habitats and chances for great birds. Cost includes-3 days of expert birding, 2 nights dbl. occupancy, transportation for the first 5 birders, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunches, Cost-$325


December 3-4 – STA 5 and Archbold Biological Station Weekend Adventure

Stormwater Treatment Area 5 has been named one of the 100 BEST birding place in the U.S. You can see thousands of birds and many species of ducks. It is also one of the best places to see Snail Kite and Limpkin. Along the Deer Fence Road can be Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, Western Kingbird and many species of raptors. Heading to Archbold we will make a quick stop at Fisheating Creek for wintering warblers and travel along the Venus Road for Red-headed Woodpecker and Florida Scrub Jay. We will spend the night at the famous Archbold Biological Station home to scientist and students of our unique Florida Scrub on the Lake Wales Ridge. An early morning walk on the refuge and a brief tour of the facility. Along our way home we will make stops along Lake Okeechobee, Harney Canal Pond. Cost $225 days of expert birding, 1 night lodging, 1 lunch and 1 breakfast, Archbold Biological Station fee and STA 5 donation fee, transportation for first 5 birders.


March 4-5 – Indian River Lagoon Merrit Island NWR, Viera Ponds, Cape Canaveral N.S. Weekend Adventure

Merrit Island has some of the best birding in Florida. First we visit Viera Ponds for American Bittern, Swamp Sparrow, Crested Caracara and more. At the famous Blackpoint wildlife drives we will look for rare waterfowl, shorebirds and wading birds. Cape Canaveral Seashore and Bio Lab road bring lots for shorebird surprises-Scrub Jay, Northern Gannet, Cost includes 2 days of expert birding, 1 breakfast, hotel dbl., 1 lunch, van transportation for the first 5 people. Cost-$TBA once boat is booked.


Sat April 22/Sun April 23 – Ft. DeSoto, Celery Field, Cecil Webb/Babcock Weekend Adventure Getaway

Ft. DeSoto is one of the best spots for spring migration and the possibility of 100 plus species for this trip. Varieties can include 15 species of warblers-Hooded, Blackpoll, Cape May,12 shorebirds-Whimbrel, Wilson's Plover, Painted/Indigo Buntings Scarlet/Summer Tanagers, Wood/Swainson/Veery Thrushes and Blue/Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. The drive over includes a stop at Archbold Biological Station for Florida Scrub Jay and Red-headed Woodpecker. On Sunday an early a.m. walk in Ft. De Soto for more, and then south to the Celery Fields for Bobolink, Wilson Snipe, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, shorebirds and possible King Rail. At the Cecil Webb for Eastern Bluebird, Pine Warbler, Brown-headed Nuthatch and Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Trip includes 2 days of expert birding by Paddy Cunningham, 1 night's hotel, 1 lunch and 1 breakfast. Cost-$285. For further information and reservation contact Paddy at


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