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Bird List

Birding Adventures - Bird List - 326 total seen species

Species seen during a birding season - (August-May) in South Florida (with the execption of a few North Florida species)
2002-2003-211 sp., 2003-2004-219 sp., 2004-2005-220sp., 2006-2007-227 sp., 2007-2008-234 sp.


1. Common - usually seen on every trip (in right habitat & time of year)
2. Uncommon - Can be seen on a good day (in right habitat & time of year)
3. Rare - need to visit particular habitat or time of year
4. Very Rare - seen once or twice a year in a particular Habitat or Time
5. Extrememly Rare/Ocassional- seen less than 5 times-could be Pelagic, an Ocassional or a rare Carribean visitor


WT - wetlands/everglades
S - shore/mudflats
L - lakes/open water
M - mangroves
F - forest/hammocks
P - parks/open fields/soaring
O - ocean/pelagic


m - migration
w - wintering
b - breeding
s - summer

Red-throated Loon-4Lw Common Loon-3Lw Pied-Billed Grebe-1Lw
Horned Grebe-3Lw Eared Grebe-5L Cory's Shearwater-5O
Audubon's shearwater-5O Masked Booby-5O Brown Booby-5O
Northern Gannet-3Ow American White Pelican-2Lb Brown Pelican-1Lb
Double-crested Commorant-1Lb Anhinga-1WTb Magnificent Frigatebird-2Ob
American Bittern-2WTb Least Bittern-4WTb Great Blue Heron-1WTB
Great Blue Heron (White)-3Mb Great Egret-1WTb Snowny Egret-1WTb
Little Blue Heron-1WTb Tri-colored Heron-1WTb Reddish Egret-3MSb
Cattle Egret-1Pb Green Heron-1WTb Black-crowned Night Heron-2Mb
Yelllow-crowned Night Heron-2Mb White Ibis-1WTPb Scarlet Ibis-5Mb
Glossy Ibis-2WTb Roseate Spoonbill-2Mb Greater Flamingo-5MSb
Fulvous Whistling Duck-3WTb Black-bellied Whistling Duck-2WTb Greater White-fronted Goose-5L
Snow Goose-4Lw Ross Goose-5Lw Brant-5Lw
Canada Goose-5Lw Muscovy Duck-1Pb Wood Duck-4LWTb
Green-winged Teal-2Lw Mottled Duck-1Lb Northern Pintail-2Lw
Blue-winged Teal-1LWTw Northern Shoveler-2Lw Gadwall-4Lw
Eurasian Wigeon-5Lw American Wigeon-2Lw Mallard-3Lw
Canvasback-4Lw Redhead-4Lw Ring-necked Duck-1Lw
Greater Scaup-4Lw Lesser Scaup-2Lw Black Scoter-4MOLw
Surf Scoter-4MOLw White-winged Scoter-5MOLw Bufflehead-4Lw
Hooded Merganser-2Lw Red-breasted Merganser-3MLw Ruddy Duck-3Lw
Black Vulture-1Pw Turkey Vulture-1Pw Swallow-tailed Kite-3PFs
Osprey-1Lb White-tailed Kite-4Pb Snail Kite-2WTb
Bald Eagle-3WTPb Northern Harrier-1WTb Sharp-shinned Hawk-3Pm
Cooper's Hawk-2Pw Red-shouldered Hawk-1Fb Broad-winged Hawk-3Pm
Short-tailed Hawk-4WTPb Swainson's Hawk-4Pm Red-tailed Hawk-2FPb
Ferruginous Hawk-5F Crested Caracara-2Pb American Kestrel-1Pw
Merlin-3Pm Peregrine Falcon-3PS Wild Turkey-3Pb
Northern Bobwhite-4Fb Clapper Rail-3Mb King Rail-4WTb
Virginia Rail-4WTb Sora-2WTb Purple Gallinule-2WTb
Common Moorhen-1WTb American Coot-1Lw Limpkin-2Wtb
Sandhill Crane-2Pb Whooping Crane-5Pb Black-bellied Plover-1Sw
American Golden Plover-5Pm Snowny Plover-3Sw Wilson's Plover-3Sw
Piping Plover-2Sw Killdeer-1Pb American Oystercatcher-4Sb
Black-necked Stilt-2WTSbs American Avocet-3WTSw Greater Yellowlegs-1WSwm
Lesser Yellowlegs-1WTSwm Solitary Sandpiper-3LMw Willet-1Sw
Spotted Sandpiper-2Mw Upland Sandpiper-3Pm Whimbrel-4Sw
Marbled Godwit-3Sw Ruddy Turnstone-1Sw Red Knot-3Sw
Sanderling-1Sw Semipalmated Sandpiper-2Sw Western Sandpiper-2Sw
Least Sandpiper-1WTSwm White-rumped Sandpiper-4WTm Baird's Sandpiper-4WTm
Pectoral Sandpiper-3Pm Purple Sandpiper-5Sw Dunlin-2Sw
Stilt Sandpiper-4MWTw Short-billed Dowitcher-1WTSw Long-billed Dowithcher-3WTw
Wilson's Snipe-2WTb Wilson's Phalarope-4Pm Pomarine Jaeger-5O
South Polar Skua-5O Laughing Gull-1SOb Bonaparte's Gull-3SOLw
Ring-billed Gull-1SOb Herring Gull-2SOb Lesser Black-backed Gull-4MSw
Greater Black-backed Gull-3MSw Gull-billed Tern-3Pm Caspian Tern-1SOLb
Royal Tern-1MOSb Sandwich Tern-2SOb Roseate Tern-5Ob
Common Tern-5SOw Artic Tern-5SO Forester's Tern-2SOMw
Least Tern-1LSOs Sooty Tern-5O Black Tern-2WTLm
Brown Noddy-5O Black Skimmer-2Sb Rock Pigeon-1Pb
White-crowned Pigeon-3FMb Eurasian Collared Dove-1Pb White-winged Dove-1Pb
Mourning Dove-1PFb Common Ground-Dove-2FPb Monk Parakeet-1Pb
Black-hooded Parakeet-2Pb Yellow-billled Cuckoo-3Fm Mangrove Cuckoo-5
Smooth-billed Ani-3Pb Grove-billed Ani-5P Barn Owl-3FPb
Eastern Screech Owl-2Fb Great Horned Owl-3Fb Burrowing Owl-2Pb
Barred Owl-3Fb Lesser Nighthawk-4Fw Common Nighthawk-1Ps
Chuck-will's Widow-3MFb Whip-poor-will-4Fw ChimneySwift-1Ps
Ruby-throated Hummingbird-1PFwm Black-chinned Hummingbird-4Pw Broad-tailed Hummingbird-4Pw
Rufous Hummingbird-4FPm Belted Kingfisher-1Lw Red-headed Woodpecker-4Fb
Red-bellied Woodpecker-1FPb Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-2FPb Downy Woodpecker-1FPb
Hairy Woodpecker-4FPb Red-cockaded Woodpecker-4Fb Northern Flicker-2FPb
Pileated Woodpecker-2Fb Eastern Wood-Peewee-4Fm Acadian Woodpecker-4Fm
Willow Flycatcher-4Fm Least Flycatcher-4Fmw Eastern Phoebe-1FPb
Say's Phoebe-5P Vermillion Flycatcher-4Pw Ash-throated Flycatcher-5Fmw
Great Crested Flycatcher-1Fb Brown-crested Flycatcher-5Fw Western Kingbird-3Pw
Eastern Kingbird-2PFm Gray Kingbird-1Ps Scissor-tailed Flycatcher-3Pw
Fork-tailed flycatcher-5Pw Purple Martin-2 Tree Swallow-1Pw
North Rough-winged Swallow-2Pmw Bank Swallow-3Pw Cave Swallow-4P
Barn Swallow-1Ps Blue Jay-1FPb Florida Scrub Jay-3Fb
American Crow-1WTFb Fish Crow-1MPb Carolina Chickadee-4Fb
Tufted Titmouse-2Fb White-breasted Nuthatch-4Fb Brown-headed Nuthatch-3Fb
Brown Creeper-4Fb Red-whisked Bulbul-3Pb Carolina Wren-1Fb
House Wren-2Fb Sedge Wren-4WTb Marsh Wren-5WTb
Winter Wren-5Fb Golden-crowned Kinglet-4Fw Ruby-crowned Kinglet-2Fw
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher-1Fw Eastern Bluebird-2F Veery-4Fm
Gray-cheeked Thrush-4Fm Swainson's Thrush-4Fm Hermit Thrush-3Fw
Wood Thrush-4Fm American Robin-2FPw Gray Catbird-1FPwm
Northern Mockingbird-1FPb Bahama Mockingbird-5PS Brown Thrasher-2Fb
American Pipit-4WTwm Cedar Waxwing-2FPw Loggerhead Shrike-1Pb
European Starling-1Pb White-eyed Vireo-1FPWTb Thick-billed Vireo-5F
Bell's Vireo-4Fw Blue-headed Vireo-2Fwm Philadelphia Vireo-4
Red-eyed Vireo-2Fm Yellow-throated Vireo-3Fwm Black-whiskered Vireo-3MFb
Blue-winged Wabler-4Fm Golden-winged Warbler-5Fm Tennessee Warbler-3Fm
Orange-crowned warbler-2Fm Nashville Warbler-4Fm Northern Parula-1Fwm
Yellow warbler-3FPmMb Chestnut-sided Warbler-3Fm Magnolia Warbler-2Fm
Cape May Warbler-2Fm Black-throated Blue warbler.-2Fwm Yellow-rumped warbler-1
Black-throated Green Warbler-3Fwm Blackburian Warbler-4Fm Yellow-throated Warbler-2Fmw
Pine Warbler-1Fb Prairie Warbler-1FMmw Palm Warbler-1FPwm
Bay-breasted Warbler-4F Blackpoll Warbler-2Fm Black & White Warbler-1Fwm
American Redstart-1Fmw Prothonotary Warbler-3Fm Worm-eating Warbler-3Fm
Swainsons Warbler-4Fm Ovenbird-2Fwm Northern Waterthrush-3WTMwm
Louisiana Waterthrush-4WTMm Connecticut Warbler-4Fm Common Yellowthroat-1WTbm
Hooded Warbler-3Fm Wilson's Warbler-4Fm Yellow -breasted Chat-4Fwm
Bananaquit-5 Western spindalis-5 Summer Tanager-2Fm
Scarlet Tanager-2Fm Western Tanager-4Fw Northern Cardinal-1Fb
Rose-breasted Grosbeak-2Fm Blue Grosbeak-3Fm Indigo Bunting-3FPwm
Painted Bunting-3FPwm Dickcissel-4Pm Eastern Towhee-2Fb
Yellow-faced Grassquit-5 Bachman's Sparrow-4Fb Chipping Sparrow-4Pw
Clay-colored sparrow-3Pw Field Sparrow-4FPw Vesper Sparrow-4Pw
Savannah Sparrow-2Pb Grasshopper Sparrow-3Pb Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow-4SPw
Seaside Sparrow-4SPw Fox Sparrow-5Fw Song Sparrow-4Pw
Lincoln Sparrow-4Lm Swamp Sparrow-3WTb White-throated Sparrow-4Pw
White-crowned Sparrow-4Pw Dark-eyed Junco-4Fw Lapland Longspur-5w
American Goldfinch-2Pwm House Finch-3Pb? Pine Siskin-FPwm
Shiny Cowbird-4Pw Bronzed Cowbird-3Pw Brown-headed Cowbird-2Pw
Orchard Oriole-3Fm Spot-breasted Oriole-2Fb Baltimore Oriole-2Fm
Bullock's Oriole-4Fw Bobolink-3Pm Red-winged Blackbird-1WTPb
Eastern Meadowlark-2Pb Rusty Blackbird-4WTw Boat-tailed Grackle-1Pb
Common Grackle-1Pb House Sparrow-1Pb

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