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Take a birding adventure to explore the natural areas of Florida, United States, and Tropical Belize, searching for local, rare and seasonal birds. Through a series of field trips, expert guiding, bird classes and instruction, YOU WILL GAIN knowledge, increase identification skills, add life birds, and enjoy touring with friends.

My motto is “Where YOU learn the I.D.!!”

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FEATURING- Florida Keys Hawk Watch Belize Tropical Adventure,
Central Florida Sparrow Search, Ft. De Soto Spring Migration


Oct. 5 & 6 — Florida Keys Hawk Watch Weekend Adventure
A great weekend getaway to see hawk migration at its peak. A focus will be on identifying hawks in flight where wing patterns and silhouette are critical in identification. Scan the sky for Peregrine Falcons that screech through the sky dive- bombing prey. At a stop at Curry Hammock State Park we will visit the Hawkwatch research station to search for up to 10 species of raptors such as Broadwing, Sharp-shinned and Cooper's Hawks. Late fall warblers up to 12 species may be found including Chestnut-sided, Swainson's, Bay-breasted and Indigo Buntings and Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Ft. Zachary Taylor. Keys specialties will be targeted and Shorebirds will be spotted at Anne's and a special beach. With a weather event we can hope for a fallout of the last of the fall songbirds at stops at North Key Largo, Windley Key and Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park. LAST YEAR Western Spindalis.
      COST-$345 (dbl. occupancy) includes 2 days of expert birding, informational handouts, transportation, breakfast and 1 lunch. BRING-overnight bag, rain gear, sun protection. For reservation contact Paddy at

Bird Migration

October 17-20 — Florida Birding & Nature Festival, Brandon, Florida

October 26 & 27 — Fairchild Tropical Garden Bird & Wildlife Weekend

Sun. Nov. 3 — The Wonderful World of Birding - Bonnet House - 2:00-5:00 pm
Birding is the fastest growing leisure pursuits in the country. Find out about of the wonderful benefits of becoming a bird watcher, getting out in nature and meeting other passionate birders. A mixture of peaceful connection and thrilling discovery. Learn about great birding hot spots locally and throughout Florida. Find out about how to contact local birding groups and Florida resources that can get you started. Also if you have bird apps on your phone bring them.
      CONTACT LINDA at (954) 563-5393 EXT 137. Cost $25

Sun. Dec. 1 — Ascend to Better Birding - Part I-The Tools of the Trade - 2-5 pm
What does it take to become a Birder? What tools are needed to get you ready for a lifetime of learning Learn how to better use your binoculars, bird checklist and bird field guide book including field marks, glossary, and family organization. Learn about some of the latest birding apps such as e-bird, Audubon and Merlin to make identification easier using your smart phone. Find out about of the wonderful benefits of becoming a bird watcher, great local birding hot spots, and wonderful birding opportunities locally, in Florida and tropical adventures abroad. The workshop includes an informative power point presentation, numerous hand outs and a bird walk through the gardens. Bring binoculars, and a field guide (if possible can be provided upon request). Also if you have bird apps on your phone bring them.
      CONTACT LINDA at (954) 563-5393 EXT 137. Cost $25.

Sat. Dec. 14 — Christmas Bird Count South Florida Audubon Society
Join a team of birders to count the birds of Broward County on this special day. Join amateur scientists all over the country for this important scientific annual bird count. Meet for dinner to find out the total number of bird species found and which group found them.
      Contact Allison Sherflow at for more information.


Sun. Jan. 5 — Ascend to Better Birding-Part II - Ten steps to better identification bird class - 2:00-5:00 pm.
Learn a 10 step approach to increase your ability to identify birds such as family groups, behavior, silhouette, habitat, field marks, commonality, seasonality, birding by ear, plumage, use of checklist and apps. The class will include an informative power point, numerous handouts, workshop activity and a walk around the garden to look for birds. Bring binoculars, and a field guide (if possible can be provided upon request). Also if you have bird apps on your phone bring them. COST-$25 per session for adults. Bring binoculars, and a field guide (if possible can be provided upon request).
      CONTACT LINDA at (954) 563-5393 EXT 137. Cost $25
      Pre-registration is required. Cost includes admission to the Bonnet House, so come early to enjoy the gardens.

Jan 16-20 — EVERGLADES BIRDING FESTIVAL - Co-sponsored by SFAS and Birding Adventures

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January 25 & 26 — Space Coast Birding Festival
      Titusville, FL
      Birding by Ear & Habitat workshops

Feb. 2 — Common Birds of South Florida - Wading and Backyard Birds, 2-5 pm
Learn to identify the common birds of south Florida, one of the TOP 10 birding destinations in the U.S. This class will focus on one of our specialties-Wading Birds. These birds commonly and easily seen everywhere on canal banks and wetlands, but all the white wading birds can be confusing. The class also focuses on commonly found birds in your yard and local parks. The class will include an informative power point, numerous hand outs and birding activity. Bring binoculars, and a field guide. Also if you have bird apps on your phone bring it.
      CONTACT LINDA at (954) 563-5393 EXT 137. Cost $25

Feb. 15-17 — Florida Whirlwind SPARROW & Wintering Birds Search
Merrit Island NWR, Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR, Lake Woodruff NWR and other top hot spots.
A whirlwind tour of Central Florida's best natural areas for SPARROWS rare & common and other wintering species. A morning start at Merrit Island NWR along the Shiloh Marsh, Peacock Pocket and a few other selected spots in this top birding destination. At Guana Tolomato Matanzas NERR we will search for the rare Nelson's, Saltmarsh and Seaside Sparrows, plus others. At Lake Woodruff NWR we hope to find the rare LeConte's Sparrow, and common Chipping and Song Sparrows. May include a stop further north depending on what we find on our journey.
      Cost includes-3 days of expert birding, 3 nights accommodations (dbl occupancy),3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, informational handouts

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March 1 — Birding by Habitat, 2-5 pm
I say birds are creatures of habitat. One of the best ways to find the birds you seek is know what habitat where they can be found. Some birds are very specific like Scrub Jays and some more general like Northern Mockingbirds. Learn what birds are likely to be found in the incredible variety of Florida's natural habitats. The class will include an informative power point, numerous hand outs and a walk around the garden to look for birds in various habitats. Bring binoculars, and a field guide (if possible can be provided upon request).
      CONTACT LINDA at (954) 563-5393 EXT 137. Cost $25

Rio Bravo Conservation Area, Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, Guanacaste National Park, Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Preserve, Chiquibul National Park, Blue Hole National Park, Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, las Cuevas or Caracol Eco-lodges-La Milpa Biological Field Station, Bird's Eye View Lodge, Crystal Palace, Pelican Beach Resort
Belize has more than 600 species of birds in a relatively small country. Many of its' varied habitats can be reached in a days' drive. It is possible in a week's birding trip to find 300 species on easy and medium level outings. The tropical forests, savannahs, numerous cayes, wetlands, and coastal plains of Belize offer a myriad of habitat to many birds. Belize's has 37% of it's land and adjacent waters protected under forest reserves, marine reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and other protected area designation. We will be traveling with the TOP LOCAL GUIDES in Belize who have the local knowledge to find the most species.
      Trip includes: 6 nights (dbl. occupancy), all meals, expert guides, transportation, airport transfer, park entrance fees, lagoon boat tour, day and night birding, and pre-trip Broward Hot Spots tour.
      Cost-$1990. Single occupancy additional.

Sat. April 18/Sun. April 19 — Ft. DeSoto, Celery Field, Cecil Webb/Babcock Weekend Adventure Getaway
Ft. DeSoto is one of the best spots for spring migration and the possibility of 100 plus species for this trip. Varieties can include 15 species of warblers-Hooded, Blackpoll, Cape May,12 shorebirds-Whimbrel, Wilson's Plover, Painted/Indigo Buntings Scarlet/Summer Tanagers, Wood/Swainson/Veery Thrushes and Blue/Rose- breasted Grosbeaks. The drive over includes a stop at Archbold Biological Station for Florida Scrub Jay and Red-headed Woodpecker. On Sunday an early a.m. walk in Ft. De Soto for more, and then south to the Celery Fields for Bobolink, Wilson Snipe, Black-bellied Whistling Duck, shorebirds and possible King Rail. At the Cecil Webb for Eastern Bluebird, Pine Warbler, Brown-headed Nuthatch and Red-cockaded Woodpecker. Trip includes 2 days of expert birding by Paddy Cunningham
     1 night's hotel (dbl.occupancy), 1 lunch and 1 breakfast. Cost-$285.
      For further information and reservation contact Paddy at

Birds 1.

June 13-18 — Jamaica Tropical Adventure
As a tropical island, Jamaica's climate is a bird haven year round. The island also boasts a range of habitat which attracts a variety of bird species, from lush lowland jungles and extensive shorelines to high elevation mountains and midrange grasslands, meandering rivers, dramatic waterfalls, coffee plantations and dry savannahs. There are 28 endemics found nowhere else in the world and last year as we found them all. The spectacular views from Strawberry Hill and the veranda of our Blue Mountain hideaway Woodside provide great birding and dining opportunities. Goblin Hill Villas overlooking a turquoise bay is tropical lodging and was a great location for Parrot and Potoo watching. Ecclesdown Road is some of the best birding in Jamaica where we found both Jamaican Lizard and Chestnut-billed Cuckoos. Part of the fun of the trip is the great cultural experiences at the Old Tavern Coffee Plantation and the tranquil Reach Falls. Join the fun.
      Trip includes: Expert Jamaican Leader-Lyndon Johnson, Cultural Leader Lynda Lee Burke and Expert Guide Paddy Cunningham, All Meals, Transportation & Airport Transfers in Jamaica. All activities described including: Blue Mountain National Park, Rio Grande Rafting, Reach Falls, Clifton Mount, Holleywell National Park, Strawberry Hill, Castleton Botanical Gardens, Old Tavern Coffee Plantation.
      Lodging-Woodside Manor-Blue Mountains, Goblin Hill Villas-Port Antonio. Cost-$1750 dbl. occupancy.
      Does NOT include airfare from Miami to Kingston, Jamaica.


Sanibel Island or possible Bahamas



In order for your me to help you in identifying your birds you need to be specific and give more details and information. Examples-does a bird have a pointed beak (warbler) or thicker seed eating beak (sparrow)? Where did you see it? High in a tree or low to the ground? Size-sparrow sized or larger-cardinal size?

Remember watch the bird carefully and record any and all information you can-size, shape, feeding behavior, habitat-marsh, forest, shoreline, place found- shrub, tree, water's edge, etc., any special field marks-wing bar, eye rings, color on tail, etc.. in order to help us identify the bird. Watch it as long as you can before it flies away.

Take the information you have observed and recorded in field notes and look in the book for possibilities. If you have an idea what you think it might be, this helps us eliminate possibilities and narrow down what it might be. I hope this is helpful.

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